Welcome to Lakshmi and Ayodhya Properties!

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for the residents we serve, and actively participate in and promote the
communities where we are located. We are dedicated to providing the utmost quality when it comes to the
maintenance of our communities and residential homes.

We offer two types of income-qualified housing at Lakshmi Estate and Ayodhya Properties which are run by the same management company depending on which apartments in our communities are priced affordably for you? What type of location do you prefer? What mix of programs, services, and amenities meets your needs?

Our clean, cozy, and affordable single and multi family homes are all well maintained, both inside and out. We
offer desirable locations across North Colinwood area near shopping, restaurants and entertainment, with easy
access to major highways and public transportation.

Our homes will provide you with a superb place to live – a convenient, yet quiet retreat that you will love to call



Our Current Rental Availability

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About Us

We at Lakshmi Estate and Ayodhya Properties believe the world is a better place when it has more people working for themselves, following their dreams, and living to their fullest potential; a world with more real estate investors.

It’s our goal to help you build passive income through real estate investing with single and multi family rental properties. We have a great team of advisers who assist buy, protect, and grow their real estate portfolios by providing tailored solutions. You can now enjoy all the benefits that come with real estate investing while minimizing the typical risks and hassles.

When you partner with us we will:

  • Identify and help select solid, cash producing properties
  • Guide through all phases of acquisition
  • Manage all aspects of the property after your purchase

It really is that simple.

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Our Services

Are you looking to become a successful real estate investor? Are you hoping real estate will give you a life of financial freedom?

Here’s some news for you…real estate can make you a fortune and lead you to a life of freedom! But it can also be full of pitfalls and dangers.  Why does this happen? Why do some fail while others succeed in real estate?

The ones that fail go in alone. They try to make it in real estate doing everything on their own. It’s the biggest mistake real estate investors make. So what do you need ? A real estate mentor. Some one who has tested the waters and can share with you what you need to be successful in this business and that is exactly what we do here at Ayodhya Properties. We have experts in our team who can help you with understanding the real estate markets, find the best deals, learn the do’s and dont’s of this business and grab the best opportunities by partnering with us.


Passive Real Estate Investing

Ayodhya Properties provide passive income opportunities to all types investors. These passive income investments are highly stable, professionally managed passive property investments in the greater Cleveland area. This approach is especially appealing to investors wanting to invest into the real estate market, but don’t have the time or ability to renovate a home or handle maintenance issues. Ayodhya properties LLC provides a property that is fully renovated, creating a passive rental income investment. The passive income property allows real estate investors the ability to purchase an investment home that is currently rented out.


Cash Flow Investment Properties

The cash flow real estate investing approach is especially appealing to investors who want to invest into to the positive cash flowing real estate markets, these properties allow investors to invest in real estate where we find undervalued investment properties in growing areas, rehabilitate them, and place a qualified professional tenant to create a truly positive cash flow property built for long term wealth.


For more info email us at info@ayodhyahomeforall.com

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Use this form if you have a question or a request and would like a personal reply. We try to respond to every request within 48 hours.